The Life and Legend of Marie Laveau

Much has been written about the legendary Marie Laveau but there has been grey area between her actual life and her reputation she had built for herself and the perception people had and continue to have about her.

Final Project

For my final I wanted to take my favorite project we had done this semester and incorporate all the things we talked about, played, watched, read, and discussed throughout the course. My favorite assignment was the word cloud bubble because I really loved how strong of a message it could have. You could change the font, color, and shape outline to emphasize a specific theme that speaks to you. I wanted to create a word bubble that included some of the movies we watched, the video game we played, the platforms we have used and topics we discussed. I chose to use the like symbol because I felt as though it is a well known symbol people associate with the internet and social media. Within the shape you can see words that I feel have helped to shape this semester’s course.

The Dark Web

When thinking about the dark web my mind immediately thinks of places where you can buy and sell information, kidneys, and computer code. I think of it as this hidden part of the internet that turns into this vast complex community.

Reading this weeks articles changed the…

Make A Game

Truth be told I was not excited about this assignment. I am not one who has ever been into video games and I am not great at playing them either. I am someone who gets easily frustrated with technology but always admire the kinds of art created…

Whats Behind Door 10101?

I chose to use an excerpt from Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” as my literary text. I chose to have the words outline the shape of the tree because of the content and the reasoning behind why she wrote this piece. “Silent Spring” was written in the…

Rebuilding The Internet

The internet is all interconnected and is a free flow of information thats constantly changing and it’s not 2D. There are layers upon layers to the internet and is constantly gaining more of those layer. The internet was made to share and gather information and can all…

How Much Privacy Do We Really Have?

In the day and age of the internet it is so easy to share and connect with anyone. There are always new apps and websites coming about. We post about our lives and we allow some people or even everyone to see whats…

In today’s day and age it seems anything can be done with the help of technology. Technology allows for ideas to come to life and for dreams to become reality. Not only does the internet and technology allow us to basically have everything at the tips of our fingers, it…

Lindsay Cooper

UMW dgst 101 student

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