Rebuilding The Internet

The internet is all interconnected and is a free flow of information thats constantly changing and it’s not 2D. There are layers upon layers to the internet and is constantly gaining more of those layer. The internet was made to share and gather information and can all be done by a click of a button. That information is interchangeable and gives anyone the ability to send out and receive information. Utilizing that ability is great and opens up a whole new world of opportunity. In theory is meant to give out true and factual information freely, but in reality having the ability to publish whatever a person desires, can create huge issues.

The internet allows people to search, create, communicate and entertain. It has even become some people's livelihoods. A problem we are facing is the internet is biased. Our actions on the internet are monitored and algorithms go to work to find and gear information towards our liking. This means that companies can get their advertisements shown because of the person’s interests, but it doesn’t just end with advertisements. News stories can be geared towards a person’s interests to making it so easy to see what only we want to see, despite the reliability of those stories. The creation of the internet was for people to get as much information as they want and get ALL sides of that information. The internet has been taken over by companies who do anything to make a profit and all kinds of information that hasn’t be verified. If we were to rebuild the internet there needs to be less bias and more than one side to a story. I’m not saying that we need to restrict the internet but there needs to be a way where we can have the benefits of the internet and plan it out in a way where people won’t be pigeonholed.

For my project I chose to create a representation of the internet now. There are all kinds of levels and layers to the internet and all of those levels intertwine or relate to one another. The problems we have with being able to limit what information we receive creates a “road block” of sorts. Those road blocks form a bubble that prevents all information or alters the information we receive. The different sized nails represent different layers and the colors of the strings represent the flow of information. At some points those strings get mixed together representing how fluid that information flow can be but in other places the strings get blocked from the bent nails, symbolizing those bubbles or road blocks. In order to rebuild the internet we have to address that there is an issue, find those road blocks, and then work to find solutions that wont take away the freedom of the internet. These solutions need to be inclusive because the internet has become another world where people can live, work, and play.

UMW dgst 101 student